Documentation website

Our documetation website contains pretty much everything else you might need. That includes documentation for users, technical specs, and FAQs.

Design whitepaper

An overview of the motivation and design of Themelio. Read this to understand why we made a new blockchain and why Themelio is different from other blockchains.

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Research papers

A selection of academic papers relevant to Themelio that we authored

Melmint: Trustless Stable Cryptocurrency
Yuhao Dong, Raouf Boutaba — Cryptoeconomic Systems 2020

This paper describes our groundbreaking decentralized stablecoin design. Read to learn about the math behind a coin that holds a stable value without pegs, oracles, or centralization.

Elasticoin: Low-Volatility Cryptocurrency with Proofs of Sequential Work
Yuhao Dong, Raouf Boutaba — IEEE ICBC 2019

This paper describes Elasticoin, a way of issuing a token with stable minting cost that paved the way to the development of Melmint.

Bitforest: a Portable and Efficient Blockchain-Based Naming System
Yuhao Dong, Woojung Kim, Raouf Boutaba — CNSM 2018

Bitforest, a naming system with decentralized trust, is a great example of a powerful "coin-driven" dApp built with UTXOs rather than smart contracts. Our paper describes Bitforest on blockchains with no significant scripting capability; on Themelio Bitforest would not need an untrusted central "helper". Read as an example of the surprising versatility of UTXO blockchain semantics.

Conifer: centrally-managed PKI with blockchain-rooted trust
Yuhao Dong, Woojung Kim, Raouf Boutaba — IEEE Blockchain 2018

Conifer is an earlier iteration of the Bitforest naming system. It has different semantics that allow most operations to happen off-chain, at the cost of introducing a tradeoff between performance and centralized trust. Read to understand how rooting trust onto a blockchain in an otherwise centralized and conventional system can greatly enhance security.