We are on a mission to build a permanent root of trust for a new paradigm of faster, more usable, and far more secure decentralized apps. We envision a future where the true potential of public blockchains is unlocked and secure online interaction is freed from dependence on unaccountable centralization.

Eric Tung

aka Yuhao Dong, nullchinchillaFounder, CEO

Cypherpunk, polymath, and security researcher. Architect of novel technologies spanning diverse levels of abstraction. Single-handedly runs Geph, a VPN with unique cryptography-powered privacy protection and censorship circumvention.

Meade Kincke

Head of DevOps

Strategic, ambitious, and self taught technology executive who has worked on everything from global infrastructure to the Rust compiler. Develops and maintains Themelio's core infrastructure, finding show-stopping bugs and optimizing safety and performance.

Jay Butera

Compiler Engineer

Contributor to the Ethereum and Polkadot ecosystems, concerning zero-knowledge NFTs and composable graph databases. Develops tools which empower rather than enslave.

Shane Mendez

Software Engineer

Motivated by family, hard work, and loyalty. Crafts not only fast and reliable software, but technologies that uplift people and society.

Marco Serrano

Software Engineer

Hailing from the same alma mater as the Dread Pirate Roberts, but much more scrupulous. Developing software since 2013, obsessed with blockchain since 2017, all-in on defi since 2020. Problem-solver first, focused on security and turning weaknesses into strengths.