The foundation of a trustless Internet

Themelio is a radical rethinking of the public blockchain focused on its core purpose: establishing an immutable, permanent root of trust.

Why Themelio?

Trust the protocol—don’t trust people

The killer feature of blockchains has always been endogenous trust: security based on incentives and cryptography, not the arbitrary decisions of developers or ill-defined user communities. Themelio finally delivers on this long-awaited revolution in trust.

Stop worrying about upgrades and forks

Modifying a blockchain's core validation rules destroys endogenous trust. So Themelio is designed to not change at all. Not only does this get rid of the exhausting, security-ruining politics of “blockchain governance”, it also frees you to develop deep technology stacks without worrying about the base layer changing.

Revolutionary non-fiat stablecoin

Themelio’s base currency, mel, is the world’s first truly decentralized stablecoin, free of any trusted issuers or oracles. Mel demolishes the false dichotomy between trustless issuance and stable value, promising a fundamental breakthrough in DeFi applications.

A paradigm shift in scalability and usability

Themelio does not try to scale through complex layer-1 mechanisms that further encourage tight coupling to apps and damage endogenous trust. Instead, an elegant, high-performance UTXO data model with uniquely powerful covenant scripts provides a minimal yet flexible foundation for building infinitely scalable upper-layer protocols and applications.

Mel: cryptocurrency done right

Mel is Themelio’s native cryptocurrency. Unlike traditional cryptocurrencies (such as bitcoin and ether), mel keeps a stable value over time. This makes mel a much more useful currency. Unlike fiat stablecoins, mel is fully trustless: it is not pegged to any government-backed currency. Behind all this is Melmint, a groundbreaking stabilization mechanism based on peer-reviewed research.

Sym is Themelio’s separate proof-of-stake token that powers Themelio’s consensus. Unlike mel, it has a fixed supply and a fluctuating price that reflects Themelio’s network valuation. It also plays an important role in Melmint as a “backing” asset that stabilizes mel.

Explore Themelio


Though still in alpha, Themelio is fully running and ready for your participation.

Run full-featured thin clients or nodes, both on Themelio’s testnet and on its prototype mainnet.

The official wallet lets you store and transact in MEL, SYM, and any other Themelio-based token. You can even mint your own MEL.


Write expressive covenants on Themelio with Melodeon, our purely functional covenant language.

Make your own token with a single command, and use it seamlessly in our official wallets.

Themelio’s paradigm shift spawns a new generation of off-chain apps with on-chain security that you can explore.


The Learn page contains everything you need to get started with Themelio.

We also have comprehensive documentation of Themelio’s technologies, including in-depth whitepapers on consensus, Melmint, and more.

Follow our latest developments on our blog.

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