The first
blockchain network

Themelio's an immutable root of trust built to realize the blockchain revolution we all wanted: a world secured by robust mechanisms and decentralized incentives, not untrustworthy and centralized third parties.

🎉 Public alpha of Melodeon: our high-level covenant language 🎉

Governance-free modular architecture

Themelio's unique modular architecture achieves Ethereum-like generality and better-than-Bitcoin immutability and neutrality. This is done through a minimally enhanced UTXO model that focuses on blockchains core task: providing a neutral security foundation independent of all protocol-external trust.

Our robust, app-decoupled design

Decentralized sound money and resilient proof-of-stake consensus

MEL, the native currency, is a breakthrough, oracle-free “stablecoin” independent of all fiat currency. Along with SYM, a separate PoS token, it participates in Themelio's uniquely collusion-resistant consensus game Synkletos that greatly improves long-term security over existing mechanisms.

Realizing a sound cryptocurrency economy

Endless extensibility beyond “Web3”

Thanks to its zero-governance stability and easily embeddable, app-decoupled design, Themelio is a suitable root of trust for decentralized apps beyond the current scope of Web3. Unlike existing L1s, Themelio is perfect for securing critical non-blockchain, non-financial protocols ranging from end-to-end encrypted communication to uncensorable file publishing.

Themelio’s vision for a Web3 paradigm shift
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melscan Themelio's mainnet already has user-friendly wallets supporting everything from sending simple transactions to swapping assets using the built-in Melswap DEX. You can beta-test our GUI wallet Mellis, or use the more stable and feature-complete command-line toolchain.
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